Transform your workspace

So you want to transform your workspace. You probably already realise that the world has changed from years gone by. The nine to five, the fixed HQ, the hierarchy… they’re no longer as relevant as they once were. Inspiring workspaces of the 2020s are fluid, casual environments where work-life balance is encouraged. It’s not just offices: shops, schools, bars; any space in which employees, clients, customers, people… gather.

Optimising the experience of simply ‘being present’ will be a key part of your success in the future: whether that’s motivating staff, enticing customers, inspiring students or making people in your care feel comfortable and happy. The opportunity is significant for all businesses and organisations.

Form must follow function though. Spaces still need to meet the productivity needs of whatever it is you do. But get both right and you are giving yourself the best platform to succeed.

Our end-to-end service helps you achieve this. We cover everything.

Consultancy & Design

We are not one of those companies that come in and tell you what you need. We start by listening and asking the pertinent questions. What problems are you trying to overcome? What functions does the space need to fill? Do you have a vision of how you want your space to look? What level of budget are you working with? Are there any build constraints?

We’ll then formulate plans using interior designers and senior tradespeople to create the vision. We will present this to you and once you have considered it, incorporate any amendments that you wish to make.

Project management & the build

Continuing on from the design stage, a dedicated project manager will be your main point of contact. They will assemble your build team to begin the works. With build experience running down from our senior management team you will get excellent quality and craftsmanship here, including on electrical, heating and ventilation works. Moreover, we understand that there may be special circumstances that need to be accommodated, such as vulnerable people on site or unusual working hours. We will establish if this is the case, and design the project around these needs.

Hand over & Maintenance

When the exciting moment comes to complete the works we will check that you are completely happy with the space which has been created. We’ll provide you with all the compliance paperwork and handle any snags should you notice any. We are happy to arrange a maintenance contract to ensure that your fresh new space stays looking fresh and compliant with regulations. You and your team are then free to enjoy and be inspired by your new space as it helps to drive your business on the trajectory to success.

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